To ensure the safety and protection of your business, your security setup must include an access control system. This type of security system comprises identifying the administrator’s unique biological features such as vocal recognition software, retinal scans, and biometrics.

Ensuring the protection of your business assets and personnel often equate to monitoring and controlling access to your business premises – which is the use of electronic access control systems. And according to the data provided by IHS Markit, a 6 percent growth is projected for the access control market by 2021. This growth is motivated by growing security options (including cloud-hosted and wireless solutions) for businesses and enterprises – big and small.

Access control allows the business owner or security administrator always be on top of the comings and goings in the facility.

Additionally, the staff can be allowed security credentials based on your specifications. This feature will let you know who entered or exit the building, when they did, and where their point of entry is.

Important Security Features

If your business has multiple facilities, get an access control systems that you can manage through one software. This will make it easy for you to oversee your branches and locations simultaneously. In other more technical aspects, the needs, industry, and security goals of your business will be considered by a security professional – in order to determine what access control features match your needs.


This is the most important consideration when deciding what access control system to get. If you get a cheaper model, then the technology would most likely be missing essential safety features, or it’s outdated. If you require access control with physical credentials features, get those with readers that possess their own processors. When it comes to security, it’s best to go with proprietary technology instead of an open source. This will guarantee a more secure channel. Also, get additional credentials with some type of encryption for an extra layer of protection.

As for the door access readers, wirings and specialty screws that are secured and protected should be present. Tamper alarms must also be added should the door readers by removed or physically altered. There are door alarms that can notify you when select doors within your facility are held open for longer than usual. You must ensure that different levels of security credentials, as well as multiple authentications, are implemented.

In case of emergencies or any security threats, access control systems can let you set lockdown scenarios. These scenarios allow select doors to open and lock. Fortunately, these security features are becoming the standard for access control companies.

Data Collection, Reporting, Administration

While the security features of access control systems are vital, comprehensive data collecting, reporting, and administrating interface is just as important. This feature will allow you to observe and study the movements of your staff, guests, and other personnel throughout the building.

A good access control software enables easy integration with the security cameras. These recordings are useful when you need to investigate any suspicious activities or behavioral patterns. You can then verify if it’s an employee or anyone else making these activities, then take the necessary actions from there.

The best access control systems can collect and store these data indefinitely. You can check any date and study the history with this advantageous feature – especially if you need to conduct a security audit or if you need to investigate a particular event that took place within your business premises.


With the purchase of this technology comes professional installation. The security company can either do the installation on their own or employ the services of third-party vendors. The number of access points, especially when we’re talking about big corporations, varies. And some security companies can cover as many doors and access points; however, they may be restricted by how many they can implement the security access to. If you need to include more doors and access points, the solution is a multiple control panel installation.

Customer Support

Security companies should provide exemplary customer support. Since security is a crucial matter, access security systems companies’ customer representatives should be knowledgeable, accommodating, and reliable. Their fast and timely response, as well as 24/7 availability, should be taken into account.

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