Imagine having to control your home security camera, blinds, garage door, lights, and other appliances right from a remote control. That’s just one of the many cool features of a smart home.

The devices and technologies available in the market today can be overwhelming. If you’re a novice in the smart home scene, we hope this guide will help you decide what smart devices will fit your needs.

In today’s post, we’ll try to give you a basic understanding of how smart devices work are controlled. We’ll also discuss how they integrate with each other to make your home a smart abode.

Home automation is the main concept behind a smart home. These are the three distinct aspects of home automation:

A smart home can give you the comfort, security, and convenience you need


This refers to seeing and inspecting the status of certain home theater systems:

  • What is the current temperature inside your home?
  • Is the light on? Does it need to be off?
  • Is the garage door closed? Does it need to be open?


This lets you change the status of a specific appliance.

  • Do you need to turn down the AC?
  • Do you need to lock the front door?
  •  Do you need to switch the light on?


This lets you initiate your preferred system settings in response to an occurrence.

  • Adjust the temperatures inside your home accordingly.
  • Close the garage door as you’re leaving.
  • Turn the lights on by the time you get home. Turn them off when no one is home.

Open the door to let your dog walker in when you’re away.

Components of a Smart Home System

Generally, a smart home system will consist of the following:

  • Switches, sensors, locks, lights.
  • Connection devices
  • A network or multiple networks
  • Internet connection – not all smart home systems can be connected to the internet.

Here’s some information about working with a professional smart home company when you’re a smart home beginner.

Evaluate Your Space

The initial thing you need to do before embarking on any home automation project is to decide what you need and want. Think about the different rooms in your home. The garage, living room, bedrooms, your home office, the basement, etc. What smart home features would you want?

Do you need the garage door to automatically close as you’re leaving your home? Do you need the temperature in your bedroom adjusted when it reaches a specific temperature? Do you want a home intercom system?

A smart home lets you control the settings remotely.

It would also be helpful to talk with other members of your household. Check their preferences. Make a list of all these items. If you’re clueless about what you can do to a room in your home, go online. There are a plethora of home automation ideas to help you get started.

Also, if you have neighbors or friends who are already smart homeowners, then try to pick their brain. See what features they got and if you’re going to like them for your own home.

Home Security

When you already know what you need in terms of automation features, the next thing you should consider is home security. Nowadays, smart home technologies have seamlessly incorporated safety into their systems. This way, homeowners can enjoy the convenience and comfort of having a smart home, while making sure that their property is protected as well.

Home security products include home surveillance systems, alarms, and security cameras. Aside from speaking with a home security provider, you should also do your own research when it comes to these products. There’s plenty of customer reviews and information online about most home security features.

If you can’t find anything, then go directly to the manufacturer’s website and ask your specific questions. A lot of the times, these websites host forums for current and potential customers to discuss their products.

You Get What You Pay For

If you’re investing in a smart home, it’s best to not cheap out. While the whole concept behind a smart home is revolutionary, the market is saturated with subpar products. While they may look good and sleek online, they don’t really deliver what you need.

This is where doing your research pays off. You can go for cheap, mediocre products. However, at the end of the day, wouldn’t you want to pay for something that you’re sure will consistently work and wouldn’t have any issues?

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