As a business, your safety and security are two main priorities. That’s why installing video intercom systems is genuinely beneficial for businesses.

Whatever industry you are in, whether you have regular visitors or guests or you have a closed site, video intercom systems can enhance your building security.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about the benefits of video intercom systems for business owners.

Research Video Intercom Systems

Before you purchase any video intercom systems. If you’ve come across this article as part of your research about video intercom systems, that’s already a good step forward.

Similar to buying a new car or purchasing a new property, you wouldn’t want to just blindly invest in video intercom systems without doing any research about them. You would want to explore what your options are, make comparisons of brands of security systems, and know about their individual features.

Researching video intercom systems for your business ensures that you’re getting the best value. Let’s go through some of the significant advantages of installing video intercom for your business.

We’ll also share some helpful tips on how you can choose the right one for your commercial establishment.

Brief History

Intercoms have been around for several years. However, recent technological innovations have certainly taken home intercom systems to another level. When it comes to video intercom systems, certain features such as live video recording capacities and more significant storage make them a necessary tool for businesses.

Video intercom plays an essential role in obstructing illegal intrusion and maintaining security throughout your premises. They provide that extra level of protection – not just for the employees and guests but also for your business resources.

Gone are the days that business owners solely rely on traditional lock systems to keep their assets safe. Let’s face it, old-school locks are not enough to provide the security your business requires.

Thieves and burglars have become smarter. They have tools that allow them to break into your premises without ever leaving a trace. With video intercom systems, you can help deter these illicit and illegal activities.

Intercom systems have evolved.

Video Intercom Systems Allow You to Be Ever-Present

These systems allow you to see the goings-on around your premises. Video intercom can also ward off uninvited guests or any unauthorized entry. The video recording features let you see and hear guests before they can enter your building.

You have full authority in confirming their identity before letting them in. This makes unwanted scenarios not likely to take place.

Here are the four ways your business can benefit from video intercom.

Verifying the Identity of Your Visitors

With traditional intercom, the voice of your guest or visitor is the only identifying factor before you can let them enter your premises. This is not always reliable or secure – especially if you live in a busy and noisy part of town. With video intercom, you do not depend on guesswork when your visitors say who they are.

Discreetly Reporting Intruders

If you see that your guest is someone you have legitimate business with, you can let them in with a mere push of a button. However, if they are not, you can discreetly notify your security personnel to escort them out.

Deterring Crime

The mere presence of security surveillance or intercom system is often enough to discourage would-be burglars or vandals. These criminals would not want to leave any evidence that would prove their identity. They will surely think twice before breaking into your building if they see video surveillance systems in place.

Access Control

Video intercom systems have access control features.

This technology is also utilized to limit access within particular areas in your building. For example, you may want to restrict certain rooms or hallways from everyone – except only those with accreditation. That’s called access control.

Instead of using key cards, which are often misplaced or stolen, you can use intercom systems. They provide an enhanced level of building security with video verification features.

Enhancing Office Communications

While the security video intercom systems provide is not understated, they can also improve your interoffice communication processes.

Video intercom is easily customizable to facilitate the way office communication takes place – whether it’s within one building or between offices.

With video and voice support features, intercom systems enable employees to communicate more efficiently than by phone calls or emails alone.

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